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Otter Box Htc On Defender Series!

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roduct Description

The smartphone bar has just been raised by the HTC One. With pristine sound quality, high picture quality, infrared features and the next big thing in user interface, the HTC One is screaming for protection from our number one selling case. So why should you trust the Defender Series as your go-to HTC One case? For starters, the Defender Series HTC One case is practically indestructible with three layers of rugged protection. The high-strength screen protector is built into the polycarbonate shell, allowing the HTC One case to deflect anything your day might throw at it, and the included belt-clip has a kickstand for convenient media viewing. The Defender Series HTC One case has exceptional protective capabilities that accentuate the innovative design of the HTC One with a custom form, fit and function. Your HTC One is too valuable to take a chance on breaking it. Our Defender Series gives you the best chance at protecting your investment. Long live your phone.

Product Details
Color: Black

Product Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 2 inches
Shipping Weight: 4 ounces
Item model number: 77-32422

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  • Otter Box Htc On Defender Series!

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