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There are times in life that you want to stand out, and there are times that you want to follow the crowd. Here are a few examples of both.

On Awesomebids there are many different strategies and bidding styles that can be implemented, some are tried and true ideas, and others are new and different. There are times that you should follow the crowd, and other times that you should branch out on your own. What’s your bidding strategy today?

A great example of a tried and true bidding strategy is setting a BidBuddy. BidBuddy does all of the work for you once you have loaded up with bids. It’s an effortless way to be able to bid on an auction while you are doing something else. This is a great tried and true strategy because most of the serious bidders on Awesomebids bid exclusively with the BidBuddy instead of placing single bids.

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An example of a less popular bidding strategy is to be a Stomper. A Stomper is a person who bids immediately after another person bids, therefore cheating them out of their “clock time” as the highest bidder. This is a valid strategy that’s usually built on intimidation, but it isn’t usually a good one due to it making the other bidders angry. However, if you are the type of person who likes to “go against the grain”, then feel free to try this strategy out.

I hope that this article has gotten you thinking about some different ways to bid. There is truly no wrong way to bid, there are just some methods that are more popular than others. Go check out the auctionsand try out your favorite strategy. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!